It pisses me off every time I have downloaded a torrent (movie, file, music, etc…) that has a password protected archive. I mean, duh! you have spent a lot of time downloading only to find out that it is encrypted with password. What a shame.

filetype rar 128x128 Hacking or Cracking RAR PasswordsI have looked for some RAR cracking passwords out there in google and yahoo and most of them are just piece of crap sharewares. I have tried it (I know I don’t have a choice that time) and guess what? It crashes my PC. Even the comments of some other users says likewise.

And now this is REALLY where the beauty of Linux stands out, presenting a free RAR Password crack application for Linux. This nifty application saves my day. Nice, really nice.


If you forget your password for compressed archive (rar, 7z, zip), this program is the solution.
This program uses bruteforce algorithm to find correct password. You can specify wich characters will be used in password generations.

Download it here.

Step by step installation can be found here.


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    September 11th, 2009 at 8:53 pm

    I’ve got the program installed, but I’m confused how to run the app. Sorry, noob.

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